Taramosalata white traditional by Maria ….


150 gr. white taramas

75 gr. dried onion, finely chopped

95 gr. onion
500 gr. sunflower oil

100 gr. water,

cold toast bread or bread without the crust optional if it is too salty


Saute the 95 g onion in a pan … In a blender put the tarama, the lemon, 2 tablespoons water for a start, the onion the whole that we will have chopped and the onion that we have sautéed in the pan, and we grind them until they are homogenous.

We continue to grind and add the rest of the water and we continue with the seed oil, we test if it is salty, we pass toast bread or bread we put them in water to soften and then with a tulip or our hands we drain them from the water and the pulp.

Check “Οι συνταγες της Μαριας” out on YouTube!

Thanks for inspiring us !

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