Fish cubes in sauce with veggies – all combined into a cube


Wash, drain and cut fish fillet in big cubes.
Season with:
Garlic, red chilli paste
Lemon juice, aromat
Fish spice

Add to a pan:
Olive oil with garlic slices
Add the fish cubes
Don’t cook too much, just until done.
(Mix the water that comes out of the fish while cooking with the marinade left apart.)
Add the fish to a pyrex dish.

Sauce: the fish marinade left mix with lemon juice, red chilli paste, aromat, fish spice, 2 tblsp tartar sauce or mayonnaise.
Pour the sauce over the fish. Keep a bit for the veggies.

In the same pan when you fried the fish add:
Olive oil, garlic slices
Onion in julienne
Red pepper in julienne
Let it until soft. Then pour over the fish. Finish with Italian herbs.

Serve with veggies:
Cook potato, sweet potato, broccoli and cabbage separately in water and salt until done.

Add to the same pan where you fried the fish: olive oil, garlic slices, a bit of the fish sauce that is left, now keep adding the veggies, give it a toss.

Finish with Italian herbs. Enjoy!

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