Baked giant beans – delicious, and cheap


giant beans 1 – 2 leeks

3 spring onions

3 dried onions

4 -5 carrots

4 tomatoes

4 florin peppers

2 yellow peppers

2 horn peppers

4 tbsp sauce homemade optional half a tablespoon of soups

1 tablespoon salt

a stream of black pepper a stream of thyme a stream of oregano a stream of paprika a stream of mint


In the evening in a large bowl, we put our beans to swell. The next day we rinse our beans and in the evening we wash our beans for 5 minutes and throw the water .

Put them back to boil we do not want them to boil too much, because we will put them in the oven .

In a pan sauté the dried onions that we have coarsely chopped with a knife and leeks after our peppers, and at the end the carrots that we have chopped and I lightly sauté them all, we want a little. then we add the grated tomatoes to the grater in the thick holes that then has the homemade sauce the paste concentrate sauce.

Mix everything well and add our spices, salt, paprika, thyme, oregano, black pepper and black pepper, mix them a couple of times and close the lid of the kitchen and add it to place the celery and the spring onions that we have chopped .

As the beans are cooked, place them in a pan and pour the mixture from the pan and mix well, test if it is good in the salt, put the juice from the beans evenly – water evenly to cover our beans and put it in the oven for baking

Check “Οι συνταγες της Μαριας” out on YouTube!

Thanks for inspiring us !

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