These incredible stuffed baked potatoes are a really yummy and fun side dish

1Kg. and half of potatoes (peel and boiled)
1/2 cup of warm whole milk
2 eggs

1/2 kg. mashed beef meat
1 finaly chopped onion
2 spoonfuls of unsaborized oil
2 eggs boiled and peel
1 yolk and milk
2 spoonfuls of granulated sugar


Peel the potatoes and boiled with a pinch of salt, how to make puree, when are ready mashed them and add the warm milk and the eggs, mix well and add salt if is necessary.Reserve.
To the filling in a sauce pan place the oil and add the chopped onion, fry a little and when is little golden add the beef meat, salt, pepper and cummin.

In a large Pyrex or similar spread one layer of the puree and over this empty the mashed meat filling, cut in slice the eggs boiled and cover the mix.
Now place other layer of puree over the meat.
Mix a yolk with milk and brush over the puree pudding and podwer with sugar over it.
This make the pudding have a golden colour.
(if you wanted only with cheese make the same one cape of puree, cheese in slices and cover with the puree again.)

Take to the oven by 20 minutes until be golden. We serve this with tomatoes salad or other salad.

By @gloria.baker.587 .
Thanks for inspiring us!
You can see the recipe here: canelakitchen.blogspot.com

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