Pears with Chocolate’s cream – Is one of our favorities!


1/2 pear by person(3 pears, six portions)

125 grs. chocolate podwer

1/2 teaspoon of liquid vanilla

3 cups of whole milk

100 grs. granulated sugar

3 spoonfuls of corn meal

Note: If you use semi descream milk add 1 spoonful of corn meal.


If the pears are mature only peel them and take out the seeds and place by middle in glases or in dessert’s dish. If are a little green, first boiled in water with sugar and cinnamon and boiled by ten minutes.

Chocolate’s creamPlace the milk in a pot with the sugar and chocolate, beat and mix well, place to slow heat, and the vanilla and the corn meal dissolved in water or cold milk, mix well again and wait until be thicken how a cream.

To assemble the dessert : Place the pears in the glasses or dishes. Cover with the chocolate’s cream and garnish with whipped cream dark chocolate and leaves of fresh mint. To made the garnish of dark chocolate; Melt some solid chocolate to bain marie or other system, wait cool a little and spread over a plastic or similar, let cool and then cut the pieces of chocolates.

Tip: You may garnish how you want, I garnish with chocolate and fresh mint, but you may use other how marraschino or raspberries is nice too.

By @gloria.baker.587 .
Thanks for inspiring us!
You can see the recipe here: canelakitchen.blogspot.com

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