Tricolor passionade – A refreshing mocktail with the prettiest colours to try out for dinner or iftar.

By : @_spice.fusion

Makes about 4 glasses

1/3 cup passion fruit cordial from @firdous_foods
Few tblsp of lemon juice
1 cup cream soda
1 cup bubblegum flavour drink ( use the can one)
Lemon slices
Lots of crushed ice

Start with passon fruit cordial at the bottom of the glass.add lots of crushed ice. then slowly add the lemon juice.

Again ice then bubblegum drink and lastly cream soda. The secret for the 2 colours not mixing is the crushed ice and pouring the drinks slowly over the back of a spoon.Add lemon slices and serve immediately.

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By :@_spice.fusion

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