Easy to whip up and perfect for your dessert tables – Tiramisu without eggs

Recipe from : @the_kitchen_girl
Picture credit : @_spice.fusion


1 packet boudoir biscuits ( 200g)
250 g cream cheese /mascarpone ( i used cream cheese)
250 ml fresh cream
1/2 tin condensed milk ( the recipe says 1 tin but i adjusted according to how sweet i wanted)
Icing sugar to taste
2 tblsp coffee
250 ml boiling water
Cocoa powder /chocolate shavings


Mix the coffee and boiling water and leave aside . Whip the fresh cream till stiff peaks, add cream cheese , 1/4 cup of condensed milk and icing sugar to taste. Beat well.
Do not add too much icing sugar  as condensed milk will still be drizzled between each layer.

Get a square or rectangle high pan ready or small dessert bowls. A casserole should be 6 × 8 inches 5 inches high.
Start by dipping the biscuits in the coffee and place at the bottom of the pan to make your first layer. Make sure there are no spaces left.

On top of the biscuits add a layer of the fresh cream, evenly spread it now drizzle condensed milk all over . Continue with another layer of the biscuits and fresh cream mixture then the condensed milk. Add last layer of biscuits then thinly spread the fresh cream layer . Wrap in cling flim and let it set for 6 hours or overnight. Cut into slices and pipe fresh cream over and decorate with chocolate shavings

I used mini dessert bowls so I made only 1 layer.

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By :@_spice.fusion

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