Flaky Dough Empanadas with prawns and cheese

Ingredients Flaky Doough

500 grs plain flour

1 teaspoon of salt

300 grs. of ice butter

2 spoonfuls of lemon’s juice

60 ml cold water

Filling empanadas

300 grs. prawns or shrimps(natural or freeze)

3 spoonfuls of grated cheese

150 grs. of mozarella cheese

White sauce (here the recipe )

Microwaves White sauce

1 cup of whole milk

1 spoonful of butter

1 spoonful and half of floursalt and pepper (to taste)

In a pitcher pyrex place the butter by 30 seg. in high (100%), add the flour and mix well as a cream, Incorporated the milk stirring well, add the salt and pepper(remember we will add cheese)

Cook by 3 minutes in 50% un til be thicken. Add the grated cheese, the mozarella and the prawns stir well and heat at microwaves by 1 minute at 100%. Stir and place by 1 minute more at microwaves to 100%.until the cheese is dissolved. Let chill by a while.

Method Flaky dough

In the kitchen table blend together flour, butter and salt and with your figer tips unit the mixture making the dough, add the lemon’s juice with the cold water.Mix well with a woodspoon. Place the dough over the table and roll with a roll pin, double the dough in three parts, rolling again and double in three again, repeat 5 times and then let rest at the fridge wrapped in a plastic film. Let at the fridge by 1 hour.

When is ready (preheat the oven to medium heat) take a piece of dough, roll on the table floured and make the empanadas, with a dish make the empanadas and with a knife by the border cut the dough. (look oven empanadas) I use a tea dish and have 10 empanadas. Filling with 1 spoonful of the prawns sauce in the center of the empanada and double well the border and let in the oven tray.Brush the empanadas with a beat egg to have the golden color.Place in the oven by 20 minutes aprox. look when are golden, if is ncecessary turn up to be golden by the two sides. Carefully take out with an spatula because the dough is delicate.

By @gloria.baker.587 .
Thanks for inspiring us!
You can see the recipe here: canelakitchen.blogspot.com

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