A BERRY heart cake


As luck would have it, I purchased a small heart-shaped baking pan similar to this Wilton Dimensions Cast-Aluminum Nonstick Crown of Hearts Panat a garage sale last summer. Finally, an opportunity to use it! Going with the “chocolate” request, I baked a Devil’s Food cake mix into it for the occasion.
This was super easy to decorate, the pan made for a pretty cake all on it’s own, so I just traced the lines with buttercream frosting, embellished with some dots and big stars for a border, and garnished with berries. I’m talking 10-15 minutes, from start to finish!
Since this heart cake was on the small side, I decided to provide the guest of honor with her very own birthday cake and then bake tiny individual heart-shaped cakes for her friends using my Wilton 6-Cavity Nonstick Heart Mini Cake Pan.The pan only makes 6 and 12 children would be attending the party, so I baked one pan of chocolate and one pan of vanilla.
On the morning of the party, I frosted and decorated the little hearts. These were served with vanilla ice cream. I have some weird aversion to scooping ice cream during a party, so I placed individual scoops of ice cream into  muffin cup liners, put them on a cookie sheet, covered them with plastic wrap, and put them back into the freezer a few hours before the party. Before calling guests to the table for a round of “Happy Birthday”, I placed one muffin cup full of ice cream next to each little heart cake. Easy-peasy.
I decorated each heart just a little differently from the next. To avoid confusion, chocolate cakes were frosted with pink….
And vanilla cake was frosted with white.
Vanilla. You get the idea…
After baking the heart cakes, I had lots of leftover cake batter. I poured the remainder into muffin cups for cupcakes for the adults in attendance. If you don’t have a big star tip for frosting cupcakes bakery-style, then check this out: Decorating Tip-#1M Star. I soooo prefer frosting with this tip to holding the cupcake and smoothing on frosting with a knife. Using a decorator’s bag and tip is much easier and faster and the end result is prettier!

By Krista’s Kitchen.
Thanks for inspiring us!
You can see the recipe here: cookingwithkrista.blogspot.com
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